SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is also available in PDF format. You reach it by clicking here.

This service level agreement directs the compensation clients with services Dedicated Server, also the Exchange email accounts and Co-location may be claimed by the Global Network Solution in the case of Internet capacity if one or more servers have been down due to interruption or excessive downtime. The agreement applies only to server solutions equipped with RAID.

1 § Planned outages

Planned outages are interruptions that are necessary to perform routine maintenance and service of Hosting Site / Server, hotel and related equipment. On such occasions the Global Network Solution has right to temporarily suspend the provision of services and to restrict access to the Internet / website / server. Interruption that occurs for scheduled maintenance is not intended as downtime. In a comprehensive measure, the customer shall be informed before any action is taken.

2 § Uptime

The uptime refers to the monthly uninterrupted time calculated in percent. Global Network Solution ensures that the customer's web site / server / email is available via http at least 99.7% of the time during each month. The guaranteed uptime is calculated in the following way: 24 x number of days in the month - time to plan operational maintenance = 100% availability.

3 § Downtime

The downtime refers to the time when an IT service is not available to users. Shorter service interruptions may occur during normal operation and causes no right to compensation or remuneration.


4 § Repayment and calculation

For a refund to be activated, the customer must submit a request in writing within thirty (30) days from the date the outage was restored. Otherwise, customer may not be entitled to a refund. Global Network Solutions reserves the right to assess whether a refund is applicable. Refunds are made via deductions on customer’s next invoice. Refunds can be paid a maximum of 25% reduction of the customer's monthly fee.

Refunds are made the following way:







Guaranteed availability: 99.7%

Maturity model:

<99.7% 5% refund

<99% 15% refund

<98% 20%refund

<97% 25%refund