Privacy Policy

We at GNS have worked for a long time for the safe handling of our customer’s personal data and, therefore, welcome the new and tight data protection regulation, the GDPR, which will be valid throughout the EU on 25 May. The purpose of the regulation is to impose more stringent requirements on company management of personal data and to provide increased transparency among employees and customers. As a customer at GNS, when you get information about what tasks the GNS processed and get your information corrected, you can email us at

How we at GNS Handle our Customer's Personal Data and Those Who Have Access

We at GNS keep our customer's personal information to invocice for the service that the customer is using. In general, customers send their personal information via email or the order form on the website. These messages will not be deleted immediately, but saved for a year, for the customer and GNS security. The personal data we collect consists of company names, organization numbers, billing address, email address and contact details of a reference person. We do not have a routine to save customer’s phone numbers, but it may occur. With us, employees at GNS, administrators at Svea Ekonomi, e-conomic, Fortnox and Crescendo Accountants & Consultants have access to the customer's personal data. Personal data is stored on secure servers within Sweden's borders. The data is deleted when the notice period ends and the service is closed down.


We at GNS also send out newsletters at the customer's request. However, the customer is entitled to refuse this option. When this happens, the customer's mail will be deleted from the system and the he/she will receive no more mailings.


GNS saves visitors IP addresses for site statistics, security reasons and for proof purposes. The storage of this information is done on secure services within Sweden's borders.


The GNS website uses the Sessions cookies. This type of cookies disappears when the browser is closed.

For Your Safety

We at GNS value a high level of security when handling customer’s personal data and we have worked for a long time with clear procedures for cases of possible incidents. In case of an incident, a report is published on the website,, and a detailed report is sent by mail to the affected customer. We at GNS have also built in a privacy city design in our systems, which means that we have built-in mechanisms in our IT systems that aim to protect personal privacy. We at GNS also support data portability, which means that the customer is entitled to get the information to transfer them to another service.

Share with Personal Information

We at GNS do not share our personal data, but if registered persons like the Data Inspectorate or other third parties request information from GNS regarding the processing of personal data, the parties shall cooperate and exchange information to the extent that is necessary. No party may disclose personal data or information about the processing of personal data without prior consent from the counter-party except in the event that any injunction or decision is coming from the relevant authority or if a party is regulated under the mandatory legislation.


When you become a GNS customer, the customer agrees that GNS saves your personal information as stated in our terms and conditions. The customer may withdraw the consent, which means that GNS will cease processing personal information or updating previously submitted data. To revoke the consent, send an email to


For us at GNS SWEDEN AB, it is important that our customers are aware that they can contact us or the Data Inspectorate in case of incidents, problems or complaints. In the GNS, Linnea Grcic is the Data Protection Officer and personally responsible.