Our service support is addressed both to private companies and for SMEs.
We are a partner you can depend on to support and supporting your internal IT and your support cases. 

GNS IT Support is a service that relieves your IT department and gives you clear cost savings.

GNS IT Support and client support provides an efficient, timely and proactive IT support for all your desktops, servers, network devices and applications. We are assisting with everything from simple cases to install printers remotely or on-site to support you with advanced troubleshooting issues on your servers.

We offer both support per operating hour without support contracts and support agreements where together we will agree on the best support contract for your business, by working with fixed prices which gives you a sense of security and a clear view of your support costs.

External IT department

External IT department


With service external IT department, we can becompany's entire and complete IT department or assisting as a support for the existing IT department for all questions. We help you with the entire process:

  • "Proof of Concept" (POC), we work together with you until all the documentation you need is done for you to verify that the project meets your needs
  • Case study (Case study) by doing an investigation together with you, we give in-depth knowledge for your unique case
  • Purchase, we will work with you until we come up with the most                            cost-effective solution for you
  • "Best practice", all projects implemented with hardware and / or software supplier's requirement specification and / or support conditioned implementations which means that you as a customer can feel safe in that you always have a support coated solution
  • Implementation, we work with your IT department or completely independent in the implementation of your project
  • Verification, we verify with you that all goals are achieved
  • “Knowledge transfer” if necessary, we train you and your staff
  • Proactive support, we are always working proactively providing 
  • Patch management