Rent the capacity you need in our Swedish Azure cloud


Virtual Private Server VPS


All the servers located in the Swedish data center and support team based in Sweden.
When you rent a Virtual Private Server (VPS) rent you the resources you need. Processor (CPU), random access memory (RAM) and hard disk space on the SSD, SAS, SATA or fiber channel disks adapted to your needs and you only pay for the resources that you rent. You can at any time increase or reduce server capacity. We offer as one of the few suppliers also your opportunity to rent dynamic resources. This means that you can rent a server te.x. a dynamic random access memory that is initially 4GB and can grow dynamically te.x. 16 GB.


You can choose any software on your virtual server. We have installed the most commonly available through a button.

You do not only save time and money by using our Virtual Private Server (VPS) you also get a very environmentally friendly alternative. Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a good business for all.

The infrastructure is fully redundant. If the active cluster node out of any reason to go down taking the passive over immediately without any disruption to you. You can of course clustra your applications in the virtual environment by renting space on a Hosted SAN.

VPS virtual private server

You can also choose 8/5 or 24/7 support as an additional service.

Virtual servers are of course free located behind our firewall.

Price from 99: - per month.