Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Since the size of your company increases, so does the extent of its technical and networking needs. Something as seemingly simple as applying the latest OS hotfixes, or ensure that your virus definitions are up to date, can quickly turn into a tedious mess when the task must be performed on the hundreds or thousands of computers within your organization.

VDI allows you to manage many

A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment allows your company's IT professionals to centrally manage thin clients, leading to a mutually beneficial experience for both end users and IT administrators.

What is VDI?

Sometimes called desktop virtualization, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI is a computer model that adds a layer of virtualization between the server and desktop computers. By installing the virtualization instead of a more traditional operating system, network administrators can provide end users with "access anywhere" capability and a familiar desktop experience while tightening security across the organization.

Some IT professionals associate the acronym VDI with VMware VDI, an integrated desktop virtualization solution. VMware VDI is considered the industry standard virtualization platform; As such, all GNS solutions fully support VMware VDI workstations.

VDI provides greater security, seamless user experience superior data security: Because VDI hosts the desktop image in the data center, organizations keep sensitive data secure in the corporate data center, not on the end user's machine that can be lost, stolen or even destroyed. VDI effectively reduces the risks in every aspect of the user environment.

More productive end users: With VDI, end-user experience remains familiar. Their desktop looks exactly like their desktop and their thin client computer performs like a desktop PC they have grown comfortable with and accustomed. With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, there are no expensive training seminars to host and no increase in technical support queries or calls. End user satisfaction is actually increased because they have greater control over the programs and settings that their work requires.

Other benefits of VDI

Desktop computers can be set up in minutes, not hours
Client computers are more energy efficient and longer lasting than traditional desktops
IT costs are reduced due to a minor technical support issues
Compatibility issues, especially with a user software, declined
Security increases
GNS helps companies manage all aspects of the user environment, including VDI. Simplify Suite uses a database that can be created and controlled from any computer, so you can streamline and automate networking and stationary processes. Best of all, the Simplify Suite fully supports VMware VDI and Windows workstations. Learn more about the Simplify Suite can help your business run more smoothly and efficiently.