When there can be no downtime.

For the most critical applications, systems, or sites where there may not be any stop, we adapt cough around your requirements.

You make the demands and we tailor the solution for you. We have long experience out of operation where it can never be stopped and work with daily with solutions that active / passive clustering, active / active klusting, Geo clustering (geographically dispersed clusters) load balancing, failover, replication, lasbalansering / load balancing and SSL Offloading / SSL Accelerator. You have to rent the ones you need from us. You choose eg if you want the front-end servers will be virtual and back-end servers should be physical. How large disks, you should have the SAN Cabinet. If there should be 10 GB iSCSI, SAS 12 GB or 16 GB Fibre Chanell the disks, or a combination out of all three. We can also provide solutions with SSD disks.


There are two different types out "failover clustering". One technique use out of active / passive clustering, where a node is active and the passive taking over the active role of the active sets. The second technique is active / active. We also offer "Geo clustering" where the nodes in the cluster are located at geographically diverse locations.

Load balancing:

When the load between the servers should be balanced evenly, use is made out of load balancing.

SSL Offloading / SSL Accelerator:
If you eg have a shop that is protected out an SSL certificate, and you want the same SSL URL to be internally distributed among multiple services, we help you with installation and configuration out SSL Offloading / SSL Accelerator both hardware-based solutions and software-based solutions.