Co-location to place your servers in our data centers with the ability to get 10 GB fiber link to your servers in the Stockholm area.

For many companies, storage out of telecommunications and computer equipment a big problem today when the company must provide physical security (perimeter), power supply, battery operated power supply (UPS), cooling etc. By selecting our colocation service, you can choose to set out a server with 1U or you can rent lockers quarter (10 U), half a cabinet (21 U), whole cabinets (42 U). Of course you can also set out their own rack cabinet. For those customers who require additional security, you can rent your own space (cage). As more companies use out of virtualization, it is important that the physical autumn Haler an even temperature with the right humidity and that there will be some itne power surges or power failure.

10 GB fiber link to your equipment

In the Stockholm area can you as a customer get a 10GB black fiber link to your equipment. If you should choose to invest all or part of you equipment in a so-called "hybrid cloud" you would not notice any difference when the traffic to your equipment would go over a 10GB fiber link. We can also package lösnignen so that it is kofigurerad so that you surf through our data centers. This means that you do not have an ISP with you.


By that you place your telephone and computer equipment with us, you get a fully redundant and failsafe operation.
to each feature it as standard an A plus B feed, each of which is connected to its own fuse, UPS'er redundant, redundant Diesel aggregate. The equipment is cooled as with redundant cooling. Interuppkolingen have a redundancy in three steps. Our primary ISP leverarar Internet connection we have two completely separate links that come from two geographical locations, the third Internet connection comes from a separate ISP which means that if the two connections from our primary internet provider would go down taking the third over. This means that we can undertake to deliver to a higher SLA. It gives you as a customer increased security.


Data halls are manned round the clock by patrolling security guards and monitored out our NOC. There are several layers out of the safety and protection should be making the need to place multiple security zones before coming to the equipment. Data centers have the following ISO certifications ISO 27001: 2005 | ISO 9001: 2008 | ISO 14001 | OHSAS 18001, which gives your customers an added confidence. You choose whether you want the equipment to stand behind our firewall, or if you are to exhibit their own firewalls. In the event of a fire is a system for the detection of smoke at an early stage (VESDA) installed. The system is connected to a gas-based, environmentally friendly fire extinguishers to extinguish any fires immediately without damaging our equipment. To ensure maximum performance keeps all data floors a constant temperature of 21 ± 2 degrees and the relative humidity is kept at 50 ± 10 per cent. Both are continuously monitored by the building management system.


By data centers have been optimized to increase energy efficiency allows you by placing your equipment with us making greener investment and reduce your "carbon footprint".