Cloud service Office 365 in the Swedish data center

We have developed a unique packaging Office 365 where all data is stored in Sweden and all services operated by us. You will then have a complete solution and do not need to worry about "where" your data is. Because the services is in our infrastructure, we can provide you with fast support when we obviously have full access to all of our infrastructure which enables us to, unlike many others stand behind our SLA, our general condition and take responsibility for our commitment.

You also get our first class support free There are many vendors who sell Office 365 but they do not inform the customer that they do not have any control on the infrastructure and really just acting resellers and can only offer the package that they have the right to resell.


By renting Office 365 from us, you can choose to pick out the best parts, and we adapt completely the solution for you. This means that you will not be locked up or forced to buy complex bundling and pay for services that you do not users. The most common Office 365 packaging we sell is the latest version is out of office along with Hosted Exchange email. Most companies use only Office and e-mail. This means that your users can install the latest version of Out of Office on up to 5 devices.

You can of course choose to relax more services to your Office 365 packaging such as SharePoint. Onedrive for business, Microsoft CRM, online backup, antivirus, etc.

Pay only for what you utilize

By that you rent Office 365, you pay only for the services you utilize and we take supervision together with you develop a cost-effective solution that fits your needs.