Hosted SharePoint 2016 gives everyone in the company the ability to work wherever they are and whatever time.
Flexibility, availability and structure is something that saves time and money and Hosted SharePoint information management on your client's business.

Through joint working and project areas that can be easily accessed from any Internet-connected computer, all employees can access the information even outside the office.

The customer creates self workspace and choose who or who should have access to what, by creating protected areas and also the access to certain areas. Hosted SharePoint enables better communication of business processes and projects through high availability while information is stored safely. Features such as, among others. A calendars, document libraries, contact lists, forums and news can be customized and the SharePoint search function is always available which makes everything searchable.

The offline synchronization easily updated changes when the client connects to the network again.

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Some more features:Onedrive for business.

  • Excel Services, SharePoint 2016
  • Access Services SharePoint 2016
  • Image Library
  • Send a message to everyone on the intranet.
  • Collect all its links.
  • document Templates
  • Individual, personal SharePoint Pages
  • Outlook synchronization
  • Document Archive
  • Full integration with Terminal Services Web app.
  • Connect Hosted SharePoint objects in Office.


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Hosted SharePoint fits all, no matter how small or large your customer and their needs are.

Hosted SharePoint includes online work and project areas that can be accessed from any Internet connected computer. Hosted SharePoint includes features such as task lists, news, shared contacts and calendars, and forums etc. You have the option to create protected areas, but also to grant external consultants or employees access to a given area. All SharePoint sites are encrypted with a 256 bit SSL certificat!

Hosted SharePoint has full integration with Hosted Exchange and Hosted CRM.

If you choose to also take you for Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2016, you have an unbeatable solution in terms of mobile communications and mobile working. Your employees will work equally well on the road as if they were sitting in front of you in the office! Do you want to try GNS Hosted SharePoint? You are welcome to avail yourself of our demo account. Contact us for more information,


Hosted Exchange Outlook web access integration