Too big or too small suit? - both feel equally uncomfortable. It's the same with IT. Many companies suffer from insufficient capacity while others make excessive investments that do not add value to the business!

We now give we small and medium-sized enterprises / organizations the opportunity to purchase an affordable CRM solution by our Hosted Microsoft CRM 2016 solution. In addition to the product's powerful reporting and analysis it also includes services such as maintenance calendar, custom field of work and a real mobile support.

By signing cloud service Hosted Microsoft CRM 2016 will not have your business costly investments in software licenses, hardware, training and operation. All you need to do is start the service and start uploading customer information. You get access to customer data from PDAs, notebook computers or different browsers. Cloud Microsoft Dynamics 2016 CRM gives your employees who work with customer relationships an opportunity to create a central repository for customer information which is integrated with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook. Via Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft OWA (Outlook Web Access), employees can access CRM modules for sales, marketing or customer service which simplifies problem resolution, improve marketing decisions and enables better marketing.

The system allows your employees get the information they need when they need it, whether they're in the office or on the road!

Hosted CRM

• You pay per user per month and avoid costly investments.
• Full integration with Hosted Exchange and Outlook.
• Powerful reporting and analysis tools.
• Get started quickly - we can deliver your solution within a few days.
• Flexibility - your company has the opportunity to change the number of users required.
• Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is tightly integrated with familiar applications like Microsoft Office and Outlook.
• You get access to the data through the built-in Outlook client.
• Easy to get started and can be adapted as needed.
• Schedule your activities with the service calendar.
• High security, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 encrypts data and communications between you and Hosted CRM is encrypted with 256 bit SSL cert.
• Mobile support provides access directly to customer data from PDAs, notebook computers or different browsers for employees on the move.
• Easy to add your own workflows to business needs.
• Integrated campaign and marketing makes it easy to make campaigns and targeted mailings.