anti Virus


A big problem today is called Cryptolocker. Usually you get an email from PostNord or similar and the email itself contains no virus and pass why most email systems. A user clicks on the link, and a program on your computer is installed that encrypts all files on your computer and possibly urged bärverks disks, onedrive, droppbox, Goolge driving units. Most users who suffer have no choice but to install on your computer and lose those files that are encrypted. There are two good ways to prevent this. The first is to use out of an antivirus program. The second is to ensure that you always have a backup with any of our online backup services. We are working with two world-leading companies, Kaspersky and Sophos

Innovative protection

GNS cloud anti virus goes far beyond signature-based prevention of known malware.

It manages and blocks suspicious behavior and use out of real-time intelligence from several well-known anti-virus engines. From malicious URLs that exploit code in the known holes in web applications and unexpected system changes blocked safely.

The result is fewer infected computers and better protection against targeted attacks and data breaches.

complete control

Ensuring safe Internet access for your users, ensuring applications run on servers oh workstations, and all your mobile devices as laptops smartphones and tablets / padds are protected is managed and administered easily and smoothly from the Admin Console, where you get a smooth overview potential threats and which users do not have the latest protection and which users are exposed to risks.

anti SPAM

Keep your inbox free of spam

Our cloud service anti-spam filtering incoming and outgoing e-mail in dozens of languages ​​using different methods. Our cloud service use out of a majority of techniques to ensure that your inbox free of spam as rumor filtering, outbreak surveillance, content scanning, URL filtering, receiving control and more. It will block 98% of spam at the SMTP transaction before it consumes few resources for maximum efficiency.

Block creeped locker, malware, phishing attacks and unwanted content.

Our world-leading email filtering that is always secured in Swedish datacenters protect users from the latest identity theft, password and bank fraud and other incidents by watching for suspicious content, attachments or URLs. You can also block unwanted content by using MIME type and extension filters. We are using dual antivirus engines constantly update in real time to detect the latest threats.

Simplify email management

Reduce your workload with our simplified management tools and self-Services for the maintenance portal for objects placed in quarantine. Simplify your configuration by using Active Directory and Email Directory integration automatically synchronize users and groups. Or take advantage of over 50 integrated reports with auto scheduling to keep stakeholders informed.