Our equipment has a very good protection against, inter alia, intrusion, fire and power failure in a redundant environment.
Our servers are surrounded by full security around the clock, which includes safety barriers, around the clock monitoring of staff on site, CCTV video surveillance and security alarm.

In the event of a fire, there is a system for the detection of smoke at an early stage (VESDA) installed. The system is connected to a gas-based, environmentally friendly fire extinguishers to extinguish any fires immediately without damaging our equipment.
Regarding energy, our server park is powered by a stable and reliable energy supply with a high-capacity, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and diesel generators as backup.
To ensure maximum performance, we keep all data floors at a constant temperature of 21 ± 2 degrees and the relative humidity kept at 50 ± 10 per cent. Both are continuously monitored by the building management system.
We have a redundant Internet connection, cooling, UPS, electricity and diesel generators.