We are a total supplier of IT solutions

Global Network Solution (GNS) is a company located in Stockholm which provides hosting solutions to individuals and to small and medium-sized businesses. Hosted Exchange 2016, Hosted sharepoint 2013, Hosted CRM 2015, Online Backup, VPS (virtual private server), Veaam Backup, Veeam Cloude Connect and Commvault Baclup . We also offer customer-specific hosted services such as Hosted Terminal Server, App-V where we host the applications of your own choosing. High Availability Hosting is a service ...

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From 0.9 € / month

10 GB diskspace, modile mail, Antivirus, Anti SPAM, backup, Outlook license...


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From 2.9 € / month

Office intergation, all the sites are protected by SSL certifica..


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From € 0,095 / mb / month

Offsite backup of critical data in ISO certified data center


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From 29 € / month

Full integration with Outlook and SharePoint.


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From € 0,19 / mb / month

Capacity license with CommVault, unlimited agents


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From € 0,14 / mb / month

Take backup of your virtualla machines with Veeam online cloude backup


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From € 9,9 / month

VPS with SSD, SAS or SATA grow dynamically with our Swedish Azure service


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From € 99 / month / U

Place your servers in our data centers.

Global Network Solution (GNS) is a company located in Stockholm which provides hosting solutions to individuals and to small and medium-sized businesses.

Within the company, our employees’ competence is confirmed by several Microsoft certifications. We are known for our high-availability personal service and support, and also for an excellent SLA.

We offer hosting solutions for all budgets. If you choose to subscribe to Hosted Terminal Server, VPS Virtual private server, Dedicated Application Server, Hosted CRM, Online backup, Dedicated Server, Hosted Sharepoint 2013, Co-location or a Webbhotellspaket, you will receive/subscribe to the same SLA. Our entire server joint consists of high quality servers and that way we can create a good and safe solution based on your needs.

For best performance and greater opportunities, we use Microsoft Windows 2012 server. Our control panel provides full configuration for IIS, MS SQL 2014, FTP, etc. The Control Panel also enables you installing the following applications: DNN (DotNetNuke), Community Server, Flex Wiki CMS (web builder), blog, photo albums, e-commerce, etc.

As one of the few suppliers in Sweden, we offer Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2016, enabling proper mobile communication, and synchronizing with private or shared folders on the Exchange servern can be done with Microsoft Outlook, your Pocket PC, your mobile phone or any browser. You can also get the Microsoft Exchange server that own dedicated email server. All traffic between you and Microsoft Exchange server is encrypted with a 128 bit SSL certificate. Anti-virus and anti spam are included and are free of charge.

Being highly confident in what we do, we offer all our customers to try the Microsoft Exchange for 30 days free of charge. After signing the agreement, the customer is free to terminate it without further consequences within 30 days of order.

Our vision is to become one of the leading hosting companies in the Nordic market. We have provided many individuals and companies (both large and small) with solutions throughout the course of many years. Everyone is welcome in our company!

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